Paralysing indecision. Anyone who’s stepped into a market has felt it. What’s the difference between the butcher with the red sign and the butcher with the green sign? The fish shop with the tuna logo versus the guy with no signage at all?

From today, Broadsheet Melbourne Food is here to guide you. The book collects more than 100 of the city’s finest retailers and producers, and explains what makes them so indispensable, whether it’s stocking the largest range of sake or baking the most consistent sourdough. Easy-to-read sections cover grocers, delis, bakeries, butchers, fishmongers, sweets, bottle shops, cookware and tableware, and coffee and tea. Another section covers Melbourne’s best markets, and which stalls to visit when you get there.

We focused on the most passionate and dedicated suppliers. This book isn’t about who has the best fit-out or the biggest buzz, but who’ll sell you the same fish that Attica serves, and where to buy the best-quality knife to slice it with.

But Food is more than just a guide to shopping. It’s also a vital resource for the home cook and entertainer. The owners of Nora share their perfect breakfast at home, complete with cooking tips. Capi’s Pitzy Folk gives a tour of his pantry and kitchen garden. Jamie and Loren McBride of Gilson, Primo and Mammoth show how to make a stress-free lunch for friends, even if there are kids in the mix. And architect Pascale Gomes-McNabb and stylist Stephanie Stamatis give their tips for setting a beautiful table before your guests arrive.

As with 2015’s The Broadsheet Melbourne Cookbook, the photography is crisp and the design is clean and distinctive. More than just a shopping companion or a great gift, this is an essential guide to taking home the best of your city.

Broadsheet Melbourne Food is available now at, along with Broadsheet Sydney Food.