Chin Chin is easily the most popular restaurant in the city. There are constant queues down the street and even celebrities have to line up. With demand like this comes extreme pressure for efficiency and quality – basically the running of a well-oiled machine that can’t afford to falter for a minute.

Think you could handle that kind of heat? Chin Chin is looking for a new general manager.

Ben James has been in the position since doors opened in 2009, but is now taking up the role of operations general manager at The Lucas Group – the company behind Chin Chin and its younger siblings Baby and Kong.

John Kanis of The Lucas Group says the GM role at Chin Chin is the toughest gig in hospitality at the moment.

“Chin Chin does between 750 and 1000 covers a day. We're extremely lucky that demand far outstrips supply, but as a result, the GM is constantly having to deal with guests who, understandably, become unhappy when we have to turn them away or make them wait a long time.”

It’s true; you’d be hard pressed to find another restaurant in Melbourne that feeds up to 1000 mouths a day, turns people away and still maintains the quality of its food and service. The restaurant closes only one day a year – Christmas Day.

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Aside from speed, diplomacy and an ability to be across all sections of the restaurant at all times, Kanis emphasises the importance of finding the right personality for the role.

“They're the face of the business, so personality is a huge factor.”

If you’re game, contact for more information.