Attica at Home is helping you keep it classy on grand-final weekend with two new takeaway meals.

First up is the Nacho Footy Loaf ($85) – a hollowed-out sub roll filled with rich beef-and-black-bean chilli, then topped with two kinds of sour cream, jalapenos, cheese, guacamole, pepperberry pickled onions and coriander. (It’s essentially a cob loaf-nacho hybrid.) You get a side of corn chips to use as an edible scoop, and when you’re ready for some dismantling, just tear off hunks of the bread and eat it.

“In short, a complete riot of deliciousness and flavour,” we’re told by the restaurant.

It gets a thumbs-up from the children of chef-owner Ben Shewry – Ella, Ruby and Kobe say it’s their favourite Attica meal yet. The Nacho Footy Loaf can be served as a main for two people or as a snack for four.

Or you can go luxe with The Premiership: this two-person pack ($160) includes Crystal Bay prawns with green finger lime, lettuce and cocktail sauce; a cheesy potato-and-leek bake; asparagus with native thyme; roasted mushrooms with tarragon butter; a pepper-and-honey-glazed beef short rib; and a chocolate and wattleseed tart with raspberries and bunya cream.

The grand-final meals are available on October 23 and 24 from Attica at Home. Delivery to select suburbs is available.