If you haven’t been there yourself, it’s likely you have a friend who has visited Valencia, Spain during the famous La Tomatina festival. They will have uploaded photos of themselves out of breath, grinning widely and dripping head to toe in pulp.

All that quiet, jealous brooding has paid off – soon you’ll be able to sling all the tomatoes you can dream of right here in Melbourne.

Tomato Battle, an event company that organises fruit-chucking festivals in cities around the world, is bringing an afternoon of tomato throwing, DJs and beer to Flemington Racecourse on February 28.

The waste-conscious are likely to have trouble stomaching the thought of thousands and thousands of kilograms of tomatoes mixing to mush on the ground. On the Tomato Battle website the event organisers state that the fruit is “past ripe”, and that, “All of the tomatoes used during the exhibition will have been previously marked for disposal, making Tomato Battle an efficient and entertaining use of nonedible waste.”

Participants are required to sign a waiver and are asked to be courteous and crush tomatoes before throwing so as not to hurt anyone.

Tomato Battle Melbourne will take place on Saturday February 28, 2015 at Flemington Racecourse. Tickets are $59 and are available here.