This sweet and sultry winter warmer offers the kind of the sensory experience usually associated with a big stack of pancakes or a bowl of grandma’s apple crumble. If that idea tickles your fancy, there is an optional addition of bacon bitters. But it’s delicious and indulgent enough without it. Indeed, even if you don’t go for the bitters, the smokiness of the American bourbon should still shine through and offset the sweetness.

Whether you’re having friends over on the weekend or just treating yourself at home, you can’t go past this cocktail – thanks to The Brunswick Mess Hall – on a cold, winter evening.

What you need:
60ml boiled water
45ml Applejack Bourbon
30ml fresh lime juice
25ml caramel or maple syrup
30ml apple juice
1 apple
6 drops Bitter Tears "Ms. Piggy" Bacon Bitters (optional)
Cinnamon sugar to taste

Rim a glass mug with cinnamon sugar. Use a shot glass to measure and combine all ingredients. Pour them into your goblet one at a time. Cut an apple into thin slices, spear the stack with a toothpick and then fan the slices for effect. Cover the apple slices with a little caramel and cinnamon sugar, caramelise gently over an open flame or with a torch, and add to drink as garnish. Drink slowly and enjoy the warmth.