During Good Beer Week in May, chef Andrew McConnell was asked to create a signature beer for 4 Pines Brewing Company’s annual Beer Mimics Food event. The brew was set to be a one-off keg produced with 4 Pines chief brewer Chris Willock and served on tap at McConnell’s pub, the Builders Arms Hotel.

Taking cues from his favourite relish, McConnell decided to mimic the Builders Arms HP Sauce. “With Andrew, we were happy to take his lead on balancing flavours and were able to guide him on how to get the best expression of the ingredients through the brewing process,” recalls Willock.

Come brew day, McConnell threw orange zest, prunes, allspice, brown sugar, mustard and a hint of the anchovy extract used in the relish into the mix to create McConnell’s Signature Relish Ale, a savoury English ale-style beer.

The limited edition beer sold out after only a few days on tap at the Builders Arms, but is back on. We hear they’re even considering bottling some for sale through the brewery. Get down there for glass.