The producers of a new magazine dedicated to drinks (and drinking) reckon a quick game’s a good game - it was only eight months ago that the team behind this new independent publication began to hash out their plans for the first issue of Alquimie.

This Richmond based guide to all things wet has already hit an international market with stockists in the UK, Singapore, Osaka, Hong Kong and the US. In an industry that’s shedding publications, not creating them, we credit Alquimie’s early success to 151 generous pages of superb design, relevant and engaging wine reviews (no judgement, no scores and no prices) and eloquent tales of gin swilling, sake distilling, cider searching and wine making from Australia to the Andes.

Editor in chief Josh Elias credits the publication’s early success to tangible qualities. “We were looking to create an experience that breathes life into the subject of wine and to engage readers with the physical form of a print publication...we made a conscious decision to create something that would last for a really long time,” he says.

If you’d like to wash down a vino while you read the inaugural issue, make sure to check out The Alquimie Bar at Captains of Industry. Alongside plenty of booze, you’ll find high-calibre snacks from Andreas Papadakis (ex-Vue de Monde); think smoked wagyu tartare with a nip of whiskey or a liquid nitrogen orange segment in your negroni. If these boys tend bar like they make magazines, we can assure you it’s all quality.

Issue one of this quarterly publication is now available. Pick-up a hard copy at Books for Cooks, Readings, Mag Nation or ask your local news agency.

The Alquimie Bar at Captains of Industry
Level 1, 2 Somerset Place, Melbourne

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