A former bank building is now Richmond’s latest food and cultural precinct, with the Swan Street Chamber of Commerce now open for business. Coordinated by Adam Del Mastro from Pop Union (formerly of Auction Rooms, Seven Seeds and St Ali North), the project collects top-quality coffee, tea, chocolate, baked goods, juice, ice-cream sandwiches, records and film screenings.

Storm in a Teacup is a founding tenant of the temporary food court and cinema. It is experimenting with its rather amazing Steampunk tea extraction machine. The Val Cinema, is planning a line-up of repertory favourites (this week, for example, is a Wes Ander-Thon). GutterHype Records has some sweet, sweet techno for sale, along with a collection of sporty Kangols.

Meanwhile, Rustica Sourdough is serving loaves next to Will & Co, a Sydney-based roastery. My Two Mums is making the aforementioned ice-cream sandwiches, Monsieur Truffe has a wall full of chocolate and Thrive and Living Frames has filled another with flowers. Food truck faves such as Hammer & Tong and Hoy Pinoy are regularly parked outside, and Pressed Juices is counter-balancing with fresh juice indoors.

But, don’t get too comfortable – The Swan Street Chamber of Commerce isn’t around forever. In eight months time the Publican Group is taking over the site for a new pub project.

“It’s going to become a pub, so our main goal is to make the space visible, particularly among local residents,” says Del Mastro. “I think a pop-up is a great way for property developers to create an awareness of the space.”

The Swan Street Chamber of Commerce
214 Swan Street, Richmond


Rustica Sourdough, Will & Co
Daily 7am–3pm

Pressed Juices
Daily 7am–6.30pm

GutterHype records and Storm in a Teacup
Daily 10am–6.30pm

My Two Mums, Monsieur Truffe, Hammer & Tong, Hoy Pinoy
Daily 11am–late