Will Tomlinson, the owner of Hunters Harvest, is a former world boxing champion. During his career, lean and nutritious food was as integral to his success and training, to maintain a weight between 57 and 59 kilograms for the super featherweight boxing division.

“When I was fighting, I never followed a strict diet like sugar-free, vegan or paleo,” Tomlinson says. “It was always a balanced mix, eating mindfully and responsibly and the menu at Hunters Harvest pays tribute to that.

“In the peak of my career it was hard to find cafes and take-away joints that offered good, wholesome food,” he adds. “I always had it in my mind to start my own healthy cafe.”

Hunters Harvest is open all day until 8pm, catering not only to the lunch crowd but those looking for a quick, convenient and healthy dinner.

The menu is filled with hearty salads and bowls, and a range of smoothies.

“The concept of the menu was making sure each dish had the right balance of nutrients, food groups and flavours as that’s what’s going to make you feel good, whether it’s for heavy training as an elite athlete or everyday life,” Tomlinson says.

The most expensive item on the menu – a slow-cooked beef bowl – cost $17. There’s no coffee on the menu, but you can order a cup of bone broth instead.

Tomlinson has chosen to use durable plastic containers for take-away items that can be re-used at home – he also encourages customers to bring their own containers.

The interior is minimal but playful, with a peach-pink and royal blue wall and striking geometric timber cladding behind the counter.

Hunters Harvest plans to extend its opening hours and begin a catering service. Since he retired from professional sport, Tomlinson and partner Jess Dorward have also opened a gym called Tribute Boxing in Abbotsford, with a second studio to open in the CBD in late November.

“One thing I’ve learned in business is that you’ve got to do what you know and what you’re genuinely passionate about,” Tomlinson says.

From the consistent stream of delivery drivers coming in to collect bags of food at Hunters Harvest, it’s clear that what he knows, the neighbourhood wants.

Hunters Harvest
1/92 Charles Street, Seddon
(03) 9939 7450

Wed to Sun 11am–8pm