Located on the Nepean Highway, just a stone’s throw from Bonbeach, lies The Little French Deli, an unexpected but certainly welcomed new addition to the area. True to its name, this tiny deli, cafe and caterer is the love child of French owners Romain Riesi, Aurelia Gachet and Gaspard Barbe. With a focus on fresh, homemade and local produce, the deli offers a range of Australian and French goods and is fast becoming a favourite with locals and day-trippers alike.

Thanks to the large front window, the interior is light and airy and offers an intimate environment to enjoy a coffee and croissant, either on the small communal table or outside on the bench for two. From the rustic Provincial décor and the subtle soundtrack in the background, to the handmade meringue alongside your coffee, it’s the minor details here that will charm you. [fold] Breads delivered daily from Noisette hang in wicker baskets along the back wall and the front counter is stocked with gourmet deli delights such as cured meats and saucisson, house-made pork rillette, hand-sliced smoked salmon and onion jam as well as a wide variety of fine Australian and imported cheeses (we recommend the triple cream brie).

It’s also a good place for hard-to-find delicacies like foie-gras and cornichons. The simple menu includes French favourites such as croque monsieur, tartine, quiche, not to mention the delicious pastries handmade each morning by pastry chef extraordinaire Barbe. There’s something that will please young and old and your only faux pas would be to not try the pain au chocolate.

Their food philosophy is simple – fresh seasonal produce that can be eaten on the spot or taken away to be enjoyed at home. “People have a tendency to think that French cuisine is fine dining,” says Riesi. “The way we see it is the opposite. The sophistication is in the quality of the products we source and retail. We want to encourage people to take their time to taste and appreciate the products”.

With gourmet platters and picnic baskets also made to order, you’re all set for a day at the beach or a drive down the coast.

And with future plans for an open courtyard and a cheese and wine tasting bar at the rear, you can be sure this place won’t be Bonbeach’s best kept secret for too long. Bon Appétit!

The Little French Deli
524 Nepean Highway, Bonbeach
0433 409 470

Tues to Fri 10am–7pm
Sat 8am–5pm