Here is a place where entrée and main course don’t even get a look in. It’s all about the sweets at Dessert Story, with every tasty chapter better than the last.

Situated on busy Swanston Street, Dessert Story features Hong Kong and Taiwanese sweets. It’s a welcoming space, with ceilings filled with bright lanterns, wooden furniture and strategically placed book wallpaper, adhering to the theme and giving the illusion that you’re eating dessert surrounded by multiple bookshelves.

Loud pop music fills the restaurant as patrons shuffle in from the busy street outside. Devoting a hefty amount of time to deciding what to order is recommended, as there are over one hundred different dessert variations, including options to have certain dishes served hot or cold. The menu is glossy and offers plenty of photos to aid one’s dessert decision making.

Try the peanut soup (think a jar of peanut butter – liquefied), or a sweet tofu pudding covered in thick syrup with chewy black pearls, or perhaps a serving of ‘snow ice’, which as the name suggests, is a mountain of flavoured snow-like ice made from frozen cream, water, milk and sugar smothered in different fruit toppings. The options are plentiful at Dessert Story and it’s the combination of flavours, textures and that undeniable curiosity factor that make this menu an exciting adventure for the tastebuds.

From a sticky black pearl soup to a red bean tofu pudding, Dessert Story’s delicacies will ensure that the decision to skip entrée and main course was a good one.

Dessert Story
305 Swanston Street, Melbourne
(03) 9650 7776

Mon to Sun noon–late