A25 owner Remo Nicolini is opening an all-day Italian eatery on Hardware Lane in the CBD.

Its trading hours will be 7am to 10pm, and Nicolini compares it to an Italian-style Cumulus Inc., in the way that the service will flow from day into the night.

Chef Raymond Capaldi will stick to Italian tradition, but rework recipes for a more modern feel – lots of sharing plates rather than larger meals.

The morning focus will be an espresso bar with coffee from Dukes Coffee Roasters. There’ll still be Bircher muesli and eggs, but then there will be dishes with more of an Italian touch, such as baked beans and an Italian omelette. “A frittata, maybe,” says Nicolini. “We’ll probably serve it in a croissant.”

Lunch and dinner follows, with a snack menu in between to accompany an afternoon glass of wine. There will be 10 pizzas – including black squid ink with beetroot crème and lobster – and a few pastas. “There could be a few dishes that have an Asian influence,” Nicolini adds, “something like an Italian-style ramen.”

A25 will open in mid-December at 399 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.

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