The second incarnation (or life, if you will) of Footscray’s favourite video-game-themed burger joint, 8bit, opened on Swanston Street on Friday.

It’s a sleeker operation than the first – instead of peeling paint and exposed brick, there are polished terrazzo tiles on the floors and clean, blue-and-yellow, Nintendo-inspired graphics on the walls.

It’s also more streamlined. Shayne McCallum and Alan Sam expect a higher volume of traffic here than at their Footscray original. The 20-odd window-facing stools on the left-hand side are for the eat-ins. The counter on the right is for takeaway.

To further reduce congestion, an electronic pager that will “start to party real hard” when your food is ready means you don’t even have to wait inside. McCallum and Sam are also about to introduce an app for online ordering, eliminating waiting altogether.

Beyond these small changes, it’s business as usual. The same burgers, hotdogs, shakes and fries that are on the menu at Footscray are on the city menu. Both venues will run the same specials – even the chocolate-bar-of-the-day shake. The only difference is that the CBD store will have soft serve (Footscray did, but it was scrapped recently for logistical reasons).

McCallum and Sam are putting on a special burger and shake to celebrate this opening. The Donkey Kong burger is three beef patties, bacon, cheese, fried onion strings and banana ketchup (a Filipino condiment made from bananas) on the 8bit signature bun. McCallum assures us it doesn’t really taste like bananas, although it fits the theme.

They hope to start running the special on Friday, but it will depend on whether they can source enough Perky Nanas for the accompanying special shake in time – those banana-flavoured chocolate bars common in New Zealand are proving difficult to find locally.

231 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Mon to Sun 11am–late