Update: The In-N-Out pop-up is now sold out.

At 11am today the doors to a fleeting In-N-Out Melbourne pop-up will open in Windsor until 3pm.

The cult American burger joint known for its refusal to use frozen food and its made-to-order credo is popping-up at Chapel Street bar Lover for just a few hours.

On offer: Double-Double burgers (two beef patties, two slices of cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and In-N-Out’s special spread); Animal Style burgers (like the double, but with pickle, extra spread, and beef patties basted in mustard); Protein style burgers (patties and more sandwiched in lettuce instead of bread buns).

Melbourne got one of these in 2014, and if there’s a single learning from it, it’s this: the 3pm end time is… Fluid. The burgers at that pop-up (and Sydney's, and Perth's) sold out well before the official closing time. So go line up now. Right now. (Why are you still reading this?)(We told you to leave.)(We’re really not kidding: it’s the only way you’ll get a burg.)

Family-owned In-N-Out began in 1948 when founders Harry and Esther Snyder opened California’s first burger drive-through in Baldwin Park, Los Angeles. There are now more than 300 stores across five American states. And for just four hours today, one in Melbourne.

In-N-Out Burger will pop-up at Lover, 60 Chapel Street in Windsor, from 11am until 3pm today, Tuesday March 6, 2018.