There’s no shortage of burger joints in Melbourne. A place seems to pop up every other week. So what’s the secret to creating a fast-food restaurant with longevity?

With an impressive 76 years behind it, the team at Andrew’s Hamburgers thinks it might know a thing or two about keeping customers coming back.

An Albert Park institution, Andrew’s has been serving “authentic Australian burgers” since 1939 (a classic example: the Hawaiian Five-O topped with pineapple and beetroot). After all these years, it now plans to open a second location on the border of the CBD, near the Queen Victoria Markets.

Greg Pappas’s great uncle was the original owner of Andrew’s. “We keep it simple, we keep it real – that’s what sets us apart from all these other fancy burger joints,” he says of Andrews’ philosophy. “We’re just old school and I think people really appreciate that.”

Pappas says the new location will be exactly the same as the original – with a formula decades in the making, he doesn’t see a reason to change a thing.

“Burgers in the past three years or so have become this huge fad. The fact we’ve been here for so long, and outlasted so many, is because we haven’t changed.”

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There’s nothing particularly fancy about an Andrew’s burger – the team prefers to keep it simple, forgoing the trendy brioche for an old-fashioned toasted bun. The team knows what works, and they plan to stick to it.

You won’t find any novelty names or items on the menu. What you will find is a large range of quality ingredients and staff members that are happy to make any combination of patty, sauce or extras you like.

The servings are generous, let’s put it that way. As Pappas himself says, “You can just about eat your way though every food group,” adding that you’ll most likely “need a nap afterwards”.

The CBD location of Andrew’s Hamburgers will open in the next three months, with a date yet to be confirmed.

Andrew's Hamburgers, CBD
1A/1B Fulton Lane, Melbourne (just off Franklin Street)