Georgie Bass Cafe and Cookery

7:00am - 3:00pm
30 Cook Street Flinders 3929


outdoor area
notable vegan options
notable vegetarian options

What sets Georgie Bass apart from your standard is its in-house cookery school, which regularly hosts classes with subjects such as “Cooking With Shellfish”, “Raw and Cured”, “The Rise and Fall of the Great Soufflé” and “Death By Chocolate”. Classes host between eight and twelve attendees, all of whom can brunoise, julienne and batonnet in an expensive-looking Miele kitchen.

If you’d rather someone else do the cooking for you, head chef here Michael Cole puts together a hearty all-day menu heavy on regional produce, with imaginative takes on familiar dishes. Think your standard-issue Benedict glammed up with silken tofu hollandaise, or ricotta hotcakes with banana and cocoa custard.

Lunch dishes are plant heavy, with ingredients often taken from the cafe's own garden. Standouts include a pile of roasted broccoli and brussel sprouts topped with a poached chicken breast and finished in spiced dukkha.

You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking Georgie Bass would be a most welcome addition to any of Melbourne’s inner suburbs. But the wild surroundings here are what make this Flinders institution worth the trip.