Grub Food Van

8:00am - 10:00pm
87-89 Moor Street Fitzroy


food truck
outdoor area

Grub Food Van was not the first bright idea that owners Tim Mann and Mark Murphy had about what to do with the piece of land they own, and live above, on Moor Street in Fitzroy. They wanted to build a garden and sell produce to cafes, but the council wouldn't let them.

Instead, the duo decided to buy a 1965 Airstream van fom eBay (originally from Iowa) and open a cafe, with a menu that used some of the produce grown in the green house underneath their home.

The van is a permanent fixture on the lot, with tables and chairs outside that are great on a clear morning or anytime in summer. During the colder months, the space in the building behind the van offers a respite from the elements. Here, picnic tables sit amongst an eccentric sprawl of garden gnomes and bric-a-brac, a ping-pong table beckons caffeinated heroes, and the plant-life sees a communing of green thumbs.

Grub serves a simple menu of all-day snacks such as sandwiches, panini and boards that feature selections of cheeses, terrines and fresh produce. The night menu is more substantial but leans most heavily on European culinary traditions.

An eclectic mix of, mostly boutique Australian wines, beers and spirits keep you going when the excellent Dukes coffee doesn't suffice. Like its produce, Grub's opening hours are seasonal, so check the website before heading in.