Naked For Satan Downstairs

12:00pm - 12:00am
285 Brunswick Street Fitzroy


The classic bars of Barcelona and San Sebastian – with their bite size rations garlanded on the bar – have been reincarnated on our shores by way of Brunswick Street venue Naked for Satan.

Located in Fitzroy, the venue is the work of a host of industry professionals including the former owners of Lucky Coq and Bimbo Deluxe. The aesthetic of these venues is evident in this new one, but it’s a more refined offering with a substantial investment behind it.

The bar has been dubbed a pintxos and vodka venue. Considering that these two are in no way linked, it begs the question of why the pairing came about. During the renovation, old distillation equipment was unearthed, including a column vodka still that has become the venue's centrepiece. And given that both vodka and pintxos are so appealing, they can be forgiven for offering what appears to be an odd pairing of concepts.

So head down to check out the venue, grab a plate of pintxos and hold on to your toothpicks to tally your bill. As for the name, you’ll have to ask the staff for more information on the myth of the Russian mobster that reportedly operated the stills to make vodka in the nude.

Naked for Satan also has an adjoining rooftop bar, Naked in the Sky, with an attached bar, lounge and restaurant. Take the old lift to reach the top, and enjoy an extensive drinks menu and more Basque-influenced food from the Naked kitchen, whilst taking in the best views of the city in Fitzroy. Make sure to arrive early to avoid the queues in the summer months.

Updated: November 16th, 2018

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