It may have started with a questionable musical performance that left many a little bemused (we were told to shimmy our shoulders, nowhere in the Fashion Week etiquette guide does it say anything about shoulder shimmying), but the diverse range of innovative, bold collections that came after did Runway #4 proud.

YB J’aime
Yeojin Bae has a knack for straddling the line between playful and sophisticated. This collection is a mix of sharp tailoring and flirty, feminine silhouettes. Structured blazers and coats, fringed dresses, beautifully tailored pantsuits, thigh-skimming hemlines and the feminine flounce of a frill or two define the collection.
In a word… Feminine

Ginger + Smart
The electric colour and playful prints are what hit you first about this collection. Anchored by navy and monochrome, tailored, form-fitting pieces are redefined in a colour palette of bright electric blue and graphic prints. Feature zips, loop fringing, lace accents and high necklines pervaded the collection, while a feminine silhouette was strictly upheld. Collection highlights; a zebra print cape and a leather vest.
In a word… Electric

This collection is all about texture. With a beautiful mix of fabrics – wool, patent leather, suede and velvet – the Kahlo collection tells a rich and diverse story. Black velvet crop tops were paired with leather-look pants, while patent leather skirt suits mingled with oversized checked duffle coats. An emerald green dress in patent leather and suede was a runway standout.
In a word… Textured

Life with Bird
Fresh-faced blue and white prints and flirty pleats stole the spotlight in this collection. Each piece balanced structure and whimsical freedom – dresses were tailored and form fitting through the top, meeting Marilyn-Monroe-style pleats at the waist. This collection was beautifully crisp, holding steadfastly onto the feminine with just a touch of structure.
In a word… Whimsical

Michael Lo Sordo
It appears that Lo Sordo is bringing the turtle neck back. In a colour palette of black, white and pale pink, his collection sees some daring crop tops, a (faux?) leather pant suit, a bold, feminine take on the tuxedo, a few turtle necks (of course) and a wardrobe staple – the little black dress. A really interesting collection, that isn’t as ’90s as it sounds.
In a word… Bold

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Bianca Spender
Orange is the new black according to the vivid carrot hues in Bianca’s collection. Pairing the bold orange with dusty pink and a mix of fur, leather and felt made for a distinctive runway jaunt. The contrary collection boasted high-waisted pencil skirts, bat-winged coats, leather tops, fur vests and a key orange trench.
In a word… Distinct

Camilla and Marc
For all the effortlessly wonderful pieces in this collection, one piece has stuck in our mind. An oversized hoodie-style jacket made of neoprene – the most interesting piece of the night. The rest of the collection was a gorgeous mix of tulip hemlines, maroon and black floral prints, an amazing black dress with mesh-like panelling along the bottom, a red onesie and even a turtle neck or two.
In a word…Neoprene hoodie

Runway Takeaways

Expected? Nicole Warne in the front row looking poised and amazing (not furiously scribbling notes like I was).

Unexpected? Almost falling off my stool when said note taking became a little too frantic.

Highlight... I hate to be repetitive, but: Camilla and Marc’s neoprene hoodie.

Overheard... Everyone gushing over their free copy of ELLE Australia.

Spotted... A girl dressed as a cat. Okay, it was more Hello Kitty-meets-high fashion than a full fur uni-tard, but she did have a cat-ear headband.

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