First it was burgers, then tacos, Japanese food and now even sausages. Food trucks have taken over the streets of Melbourne, often noticeable by their bright decorations and the throng of people queued up for a street-side meal.

Now Sportsgirl have latched onto the trend and will be doing it old-school by driving around in an ice-cream van to promote their new magazine Make Believe, to be filled with Sportsgirl’s signature youthful fashions. The combination of Sportsgirl’s short dresses, skirts and florals, along with cones of ice cream is all very Lolita-esque. In any case, make sure you cool off this weekend with a free ice cream from Sportsgirl if you’re in the area.

Here’s where they’ll be:

State Library
Friday November 18, 2011

St Kilda Beach
Saturday November 18, 2011

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