It’s an age-old problem. The seemingly perfect man, well-groomed in every way but one – the underwear. The mystery of why man has an inability to buy new underwear will likely never be solved, but it can be remedied with the aid of Melbourne’s newest superhero, The Pantless Postman. Armed with endless pairs of undies and socks, he battles this ultimate clothing crime with the greatest of ease.

Having brought this dire problem to the attention of the city with their Pantless Train Ride last week, the Postman is ready for action. The brainchild of two local lads, the Postman is a subscription service with a difference. Simply sign up online, pick your styles, colours and sizes and every two to three months fresh pairs of underwear and socks turn up on your doorstep. There are a couple of different packs available, with prices from around $100, depending on frequency of delivery and just how many pairs he plans to go through. Whether he can be convinced to throw out the old when the new arrives, however, is a different matter.

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