If you went to Laneway this year, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled into a bumbag convention. Every second attendee had one on: some nylon, some leather, some wrapped tightly around waists, others swinging more haphazardly from denim-clad shoulders.

But beyond signalling a ’90s throwback (and many of the punters were certainly born in that decade or later), the bumbag class had the hands-free freedom to dance with liberty to a line-up that gave weight to killer Aussie acts including Gang of Youths, Courtney Barnett, Baker Boy, Camp Cope and Cosmo's Midnight.

Laneway’s new location also meant 6,000 more revellers than last year, sporting a convergence of neon windbreakers, overalls, double (and often distressed) denim, athleisure, jumpsuits, mesh and fishnets, tees from now-defunct video rental stores, and cropped-everything.