Let’s go back to the start. While it was founded in 1998 by Brett Gronow, for many, the DUST concept only appeared on Melbourne's radar with an August launch party.

This enigmatic event, showcasing DUST’s space, inaugural fragrance and a matching piece of original music by experimental musician Robin Fox, left many in attendance curious about what they’d experienced.

On Saturday, DUST opened its doors to reveal a “pre-collection” and light was finally shed on the project.

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An unusual new label and retail store, DUST offers an eclectic range catering for a very niche audience. Branded as a “multi-sensory concept label”, the idea is to stock products that appeal to each of our five senses.

Descending into the store, which sits adjacent to Izakaya Den, the first thing you’ll notice is the ultra-futuristic interior. Designed by SIBLING (which has also created interiors for Kloke and PAM), the space is bright and sterile-clean, boxy with mirrors and white structures.

Clothing racks take up much of the store and are currently limited to housing DUST’s annex range of long, short and sleeveless black and white t-shirts, made of heavy Japanese cotton.

Designed and produced by DUST’s head designer, Adam Wood, these can be purchased blank or with one of a range of graphic prints on the front, back or sleeves. The printed collections are inspired by conceptual themes including ‘the Internet’, and have been designed both in-house and commissioned by national and international designers, such as Melbourne’s Annie Wu (Article).

Can’t find the print you like in your size? DUST has an in-store print studio and will produce your chosen piece on the spot whilst you watch.

Its summer fragrance (which is released through vents at the entrance and rear of the store) and Robin Fox’s corresponding work (available on SD card) can be found at the counter. You’ll also find scented candles inspired by experimental records from Berlin-based label Raster-Noton, and art publications.

This “pre-collection” does not yet fulfill the brand’s intention to meet all five senses. Taste, for instance, is left uncatered for until the full range hits the store in January. A selection of Japanese tea will become available, along with a larger range of clothes, DUST records and more.

For those who it appeals to, this esoteric brand and concept store offers something unparalleled in Melbourne.

114 Russell Street, Melbourne
(03) 9663 9819

Mon to Thu 9:30am-6pm
Friday 9:30am-7pm
Sat 9:30am-6pm
Sun 11am-4pm