Escape the throng of caffeine addicts and the hungry diners of Melbourne’s Centerway Arcade, and enter another world. Like stepping into Grandma’s closet on the way to Narnia, Shag's is a vintage treasure-trove showcasing valuables from every era.

The store itself is a visual marvel: a deer head observes from above while a grand birdcage takes the stage at the store’s centre. Colour is abundant, with so many things sparkling and glimmering to attract shoppers like moths to a flame. Scan the racks and a mixture of leather, sparkles, sequins, patterns, tie-dye, floral print and lycra can be found.

Although disarming at first, the store is organised into sections, making it easier to find individual pieces, like an eighties leather jacket, a sixties summer dress or even happy pants. Everything is available for both guys and girls: clothing, shoes, boots, bags and accessories. Retro over-sized glasses and chunky rings line the bright window displays and leather belts hang from hooks; it’s hard not to be enticed. All vintage pieces are sourced in Melbourne while new items are found in Seoul and Hong Kong.