Settled in an inconspicuous space on Rankins Lane, the Comme Des Garcons Pocket store is the cult Japanese label’s first Australian retail space.

Embracing the Comme des Garcons Pocket store legacy, the space has been created in a truly instinctive and happily accidental style, emerging to form a ‘pocket’ within the community.

The shop stocks the label’s eponymous Play line, which comprises casual wear ranging from T-shirts to long-sleeve tops and shoes made in collaboration with Converse. Launched in 2002, Play is so unique because of its logo – an endearing red heart with eyes that appears on all of the items in the collection. There is also a comprehensive selection of wallets, including the latest Bright Star series and limited edition fragrances.

Everything is carefully colour coded and displayed throughout the minimal all-white interior, which has the same under-designed sensibility that many of the Pocket stores have become known for, articulating the Comme des Garcons identity via contained physical spaces.

The shop exudes a love for all things progressive, cultural and artistic and brings to Melbourne the same attitude of the Japanese flagship store and other Pocket stores around the world.