Swimming against the tide of knock-offs and disposable fashion, Melbourne-based design collective WORTHIS is quickly making a name for doing things differently. Borrowing heavily from the Slow Food Movement, you could call their approach slow fashion.

By working closely with artisans and embracing traditional crafts, WORTHIS are creating yearn-worthy accessories that effortlessly straddle old and new.

“We looked at slowing things down and celebrating the uniqueness of [folk craft methods] that have been passed down through generations, and going back to something that feels more human and familiar,” explains Sari De-Mallory, one of the creators behind the label.

While WORTHIS is a relative newcomer, you’ve probably already seen their unique duffle bags being toted around town. Handcrafted in Melbourne out of traditional Indian ikat fabric, which is hand-dyed and hand-woven in a process that takes six–12 months, each piece is truly a labour of love.

Within “such a high-tech reality, these traditional methods can be overlooked and under appreciated,” says De-Mallory. In placing a strong emphasis on the human hand in these processes WORTHIS hopes to generate “an interesting dialogue about how we produce and the relationship we have to what we produce”.

Just in time for spring, WORTHIS are launching two new shoe styles. From carefully cutting the calfskin to hand-stitching with waxed linen thread, each pair is made individually and goes through no less than 160 separate steps. And with a series of totes and day bags in the pipeline, you can be sure WORTHIS is one label worth watching out for.

Found at:
Alice Euphemia - Shop 6 Cathedral Arcade, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne