New brand Wet & Wendy’s design philosophy is simple – to change the way we feel about the weather. By creating simple but elegant weatherwear for unpredictable conditions, leaving the house on those wet, cold mornings doesn’t seem so bad.

Their debut collection focuses on the rain, with a strong sense of both durability and style. The collection combines a range of short and long raincoats and cape-coats in clean colour combinations. Think silver-grey, faded navy, dark gold and simple black for the quintessential Melburnian, cinched at the waist with capped hoods a la Little Red Riding Hood. The Wet & Wendy umbrella is similarly stylish, with triangles of colour to (mis)match your new raincoat.

Designed locally, this is a brand that understands what Melbourne weather is like. Sometimes it rains and so Wet & Wendy are providing us with the stylish weather apparel we need.

Wet & Wendy is currently available online and at FAT. A spring men’s collection is also on its way.