At the core of social enterprise Thankyou is the idea that giving back can be part of the small purchases we make every day. You buy a bottle of water at your local supermarket and it helps provide access to water for someone else. You purchase a sweet-smelling hand soap and part of that money helps fund a sanitation project in a developing country. Since launching in 2008, Melbourne-based Thankyou has expanded its water-bottle project and added Thankyou food and Thankyou body care.

“We started out funding only water projects through our water products,” says co-founder and director Justine Flynn. “But as time went on, and as we visited communities that we’d funded with safe water access, we saw the real issue –lack of hygiene and sanitation education and the negative effects this had on the lives of individuals. So we knew we had to find a way to support hygiene and sanitation programs alongside our water projects to create greater holistic change.”

Instead of creating decorative knick-knacks or pens, the thankyou body-care range consists of high quality, beautifully packaged and reasonably priced products. And it’s working. In the past year, the body-care range has grown quickly, popping up in Instagram feeds and beside sinks all over the city. A bottle of its botanical sweet almond and orange handwash is aromatic, herbal and costs less than $10. The range is made with botanical extracts and natural oils and all packaging is recyclable. Sales fund hygiene and sanitation projects in developing nations, and provide community and school-based training in areas of high need.

The full range of Thankyou body care includes washes and lotions for the hands and body, goat’s milk soap bars and travel-size antibacterial hand sanitisers that smell of eucalyptus and mint. Make these your new go-tos and say goodbye forever to pink liquid soap.