Standing to attention either side of the entrance to this brand new men’s store in QV are two malformed yet finely crafted wooden sculptures. Their posting commenced late last week when the much-anticipated Vanishing Elephant store (designed by Foolscap Studio) opened its doors on Albert Coates Lane.

These ‘sculptures’ are actually humble mannequins, created by a Sydney-based wood-worker whose handiwork is also featured in impressive eating spaces such as Izakaya Den in Melbourne and The Commons in Sydney. This quality woodwork extends to the spotted gum A-frame racks that line the store and the robust point of sale unit in the centre of the shop.

The gatekeeper-style mannequins act not just as intriguing window fixtures, but as embodiments of what seems to be Vanishing Elephant’s whole design philosophy: to make even the staple elements interesting, whether this be in a room or a range.

Vanishing Elephant’s popular ‘Derby’ shoe style is a perfect example of this philosophy – classic in shape and economical in design, yet available in distinct colours and materials. Much of their shirting also testifies to this. In this sense, the label echoes international brands such as A.P.C. and Our Legacy, but fortunately for us, Vanishing Elephant manages this feat while remaining much more affordable, and this is where Huw, Felix and Arron (the three Sydney boys behind the brand) get it so right.

Vanishing Elephant’s new autumnal toned CBD space is inviting and warm and reflects their currently stocked spring/summer 2011 range to a tee. Hand-made leather accessories by Mark Carry Goods complement the apparel, and on the horizon is an exclusive in-store bespoke suiting and chino service.

Vanishing Elephant
QV, Shop 14 Albert Coates Lane, Melbourne
(03) 9639 3869

Mon to Thu 10am–6pm
Fri 10am–8pm
Sat 10am–6pm
Sun 11am–5pm