Their clothes look a bit like pyjamas or thermals, maybe even your old school uniform or an oversized baseball kit, but Upper Left Arm is certainly creating their own look, and making some pretty interesting clothes.

ULA is the momentous partnership of Melbourne designers Jac Eddy and Kasia Tons. They say that if their clothes were people “they would get mistaken for cult leaders and speak like witchdoctors”. We’re not sure what that means but we’re curious. So without further-ado, they have unveiled their debut AW11 Collection titled Wag It.

With an eye for textiles, the girls at Upper Left Arm source locally, using lambs wool from NSW that is knitted in Northcote and constructed in Brunswick. The patterns are unique and distinctive, stemming from constant experimentation, which bring an eclectic mix of pieces, inspired by the awkward trails of adolescence.

This first collection of ULA will be stocked at FAT and Comeback Kid, but that’s not until next year, so in the meantime check out the new collection above and think about how much fun it’ll be to wear your thermals as clothes when the cooler weather is back.