Up There tends to be the quiet achiever. Up until now it has existed off laneways, up flights of stairs or out of the CBD. It didn’t exactly hide exclusive drops of cult New Balance sneakers or Converse collaborations with the likes of Maison Martin Margiela and Nigel Cabourn from its customers, but it didn’t boast about them, either.

Now the store is front-and-centre Melbourne retail – a great way to introduce the uninitiated to its curated selection of cool but potentially under-the-radar brands and designers such as Public School, The Superior Labor, Yuketen and Parabellum.

The new space is a more refined, cleaner take on the existing signature of scaffold-style shelving and racks. As a result, the feel is more grown-up. A killer front window is sure to keep the boys busy now they don’t have a laneway and first floor to hide behind.

To match the new high-exposure location, strong edits of the collections sit alongside the growing, Japanese-made house brand, all of which make welcome additions to any man’s wardrobe. The Oxford shirts in particular do not disappoint.

These clothes are quietly cool so expect knowing nods from stylish strangers while your underground kudos skyrockets.

Up There Store
208 Little Collins Street
(03) 9654 0132

Mon to Thu 10am–6pm
Fri 10am–7pm
Sat 10am–5pm
Sun 12pm–4pm