Skwosh is the product of three guys who couldn’t find a pair of shorts fit for both the beach and the bar.

“We wanted to look really good down at the beach but also wear shorts casually and look sharp in them,” says AFL footballer Jack Watts, one of the labels co-founders. “And we love bright, happy colours.”

Watts, Adam Walsh and Jack Turner launched Skwosh last summer, with a collection of men’s board shorts in bright fruit prints, and some less flamboyant styles. Each season features a different collection of limited edition trunks in vibrant shades and tropical prints.

“We found the bright, colourful patterns in the first collection were really popular,” says Walsh. “Already this season the louder prints are selling well. We currently sell to customers in 14 countries, so we'd definitely say this is our signature style.”

The latest range includes red with white polka dots, bold blue zigzags, and thick yellow and pink stripes. The fruit theme also continues, with shorts splashed with kiwi fruits, strawberries (Watts’ favourite) and avocados (Turner’s favourite), plus an aqua pair with pink flamingos (Walsh’s favourite), and one with toucans. They've also just launched a small range for kids.

Turner, a creative manager for Lee Jeans, is in charge of prints, design and creative, while Walsh handles the business side of things, and Melbourne Demons player Watts is the publicity man. It was Turner who came up with the name Skwosh.

“He came to us one night and said ‘I’ve got it!’” Watts explains. “He said ‘I was sitting on the tram coming home from work and everyone was squeezing in. I could feel my private parts squash together!’”

“That’s who we are,” Watts adds. “We love to have a good time, have a bit of fun and keep that enthusiasm.”

As for the label’s tagline – ‘the next best thing to swimming naked’ – that was a group effort.

“Our swim trunks are made from premium, quick-dry materials for ultimate comfort,” says Walsh. “That's why we like to think they're the next best thing to swimming naked.

Skwosh is available online at