Alexandra Inman was travelling through Central America when the straps of her bag snapped. She was inconvenienced, and the idea for Xander Studio was born.

“I lacked a good carry-all bag that would be versatile enough to wear on all occasions and strong enough to get me where I needed to go,” she says.

Over the past few years we’ve seen the migration of neoprene from the ocean to the runway. Xander Studio offers a range of totes in the flexible fabric in an array of hues. Hailing from a fashion-driven family, and with a background in fine arts, Inman’s passion for textiles is balanced with an appreciation for practical design.

“I’m all about functional, durable and minimalist designs – neoprene serves this criteria very well,” she says.

While comparisons between Xander Studio and Witu are bound to be made, Inman is focusing on the points of difference, such as the fully reversible design of Xander Studio bags, and the removable zip pouch for those occasions when you only need a clutch. She is also looking to extend her line to include pieces specifically for the boys.

“A few men have approached me about purchasing them. In the next couple of months I will be throwing a bit of testosterone into the designs to fulfill these needs … I am definitely looking to expand to other products that maintain my inspiration in texture, fabric, contrast, minimalism. There is more to come.”