Often fading into the background amongst the neon lights of Tokyo, Japanese bike culture is extremely vibrant and touches all walks of life. From the old grandma who rides to the market on her mamachari (which loosely translates to ‘mum bicycle’) to the strong sporting tradition of Keirin racing – which has helped create and support component manufacturers like Nitto and Shimano – cycling in Tokyo can often be distilled down to the act of commuting to a destination on a utilitarian but ultimately stylish bike.

Founded nine years ago in Yanaka, Tokyo, Tokyo Bike is a company that embraces this simple function, offering a variety of bikes, from geared and single speed to step through frames, products pitched at the casual rider.

Yuki Sugahara, shop manager of Tokyo Bike Melbourne says, “Our customers tend to be discerning and interested in a wide variety of cultural fields. They bring this same cultural eye when they choose one of our bikes, which I think are a good mix between form and function.”

Opening their first store in Surry Hills in Sydney over a year ago, Yuki-san felt that a Melbourne store was the next logical step given the flourishing bike culture that permeates the city. Their showroom not only stocks their full range of bikes, but also a range of quality accessories such as beautifully detailed leather saddles, bags, fenders and helmets. It is just the store for the discerning rider who celebrates the act of commuting.

Tokyo Bike
5 Peel Street, Collingwood

Mon 11.30am–5.30pm
Wed to Sat 11.30am–5.30pm
Sun 12pm–4pm