Mara Tonetti arrives looking enviously cosy in one of Thursday Sunday’s signature hand knitted jumpers, casually thrown over a linen viscose shirt. “It’s so hot in here,” she says pulling off the deliciously chunky knit and handing it over for me to inspect.

There’s something nostalgic about a jumper that has been knitted by hand as opposed to a machine. It takes a level of dedication and skill to transform a ball of wool into a wearable garment.

“All our knitwear is always handmade by Gabrielle Tonetti,” she says proudly. Gabrielle is an established dressmaker in her own right and also happens to be Mara’s devoted and supportive Mum.

“I’ve worn this to shreds,” she admits, pointing to the few pulls that inevitably mar a well-loved knit. “But because it’s double knitted you can kind of shape the material to hide any holes”.

The double knit means using two separate balls of wool to make a tougher and significantly warmer product. And with the icy mornings we’ve been having lately, we both agree that when it comes to knitwear, the warmer the better. “For summer however we use an organic bamboo fibre which is much lighter,” she explains.

Keeping with the exclusive ethos of the brand, Thursday Sunday only produce a limited number of each knitted design per collection. “We make a maximum of 20 pieces each collection and they go very quickly,” she says.

The focus of the brand has always been quality over quantity. All their garments are made in Australia with organic fibres. Their collections are small and concise, focusing on a few, classic pieces.

Neither Tonetti nor collaborator and best friend Iris Cuaresma have any formal fashion training, coming from graphic design and commerce backgrounds respectively. Suffice to say, the last few years have seen the girls exercising their patience whilst learning the finer points of pattern making, sewing and knitting.

What started as a hobby has now snowballed into a passion and a career. With a few collections under their belt, Thursday Sunday have found their niche.

The Spring Summer 11/12 collection is inspired by Alberorello, a small coastal town in the south of Italy. “It has these beautiful little houses with conical roofs that were built centuries ago,” says Tonetti. “We were inspired by the colours and the textures and the white and blue.”

From tailored cotton shorts to light-weight bamboo knits, the Spring Summer collection reminds us that summer, sunshine and coastal holidays are not that far away.

There’s an abundance of local labels out there, paddling around in the merciless ocean of the fashion world. Some swim and some sink. Thursday Sunday is one label that has the potential to make it.

Thursday Sunday is not offering anything radical, just a few beautiful timeless pieces that you could happily wear on a Thursday or a Sunday.

Now stocked at Incu and MyChameleon.