Okay okay, the Valentine’s thing is a bit of a sham but it’s also a great excuse to give your beloved lady something romantic, sweet, practical, feminine and just very damn appropriate. But what could possibly entail all these wonderful adjectives? Answer: lingerie.

Don’t flinch just yet with visions of awkward shopping experiences, trying to find something that isn’t too something but a little bit more something else. True, underwear is a difficult present to buy when there’s the no-fail option of flowers. Flowers are good, but they are easy. And there’s only one person who can give a girl lingerie.

Ladies reading this might be thinking ‘oh no, if he’s encouraged to buy lingerie, he’ll end up with a mesh g-string body suit (or similar)’ but that’s not an option here, thanks to the practical but beautifully wearable designs by Australian lingerie label, Thousand Dancers.

This is the brand that fills the giant void between sporty spandex underwear and the lacy, diamante-covered, wearable-for-three-minutes variety. Very rarely do we find printed lingerie that isn’t either leopard print or targeted toward pre-teens. Luckily for everyone involved, Marni Franks, the founder and textile designer behind the brand, believes that uninhibited colours, prints and relaxed cuts are the requisite to create comfortable and utterly wonderful lingerie.

The label is known internationally for making undergarments using hand-designed and digitally printed silk. Each print is named after a liberating woman from the 70s, while each of the five collections in the current range is named after a Patti Smith song. There’s even an all-white range, designed for matrimonial moments but equally as wearable under a white t-shirt and jeans.

Oh what’s that you say? Your lady only wears the one specific type of bra? We understand; the brassiere can be a difficult gift to buy, but don’t let that make you give up all together. Thousand Dancers also makes a beautiful range of cute briefs that anyone will be delighted to receive and wear.

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So those visions you might have experienced earlier should be replaced with the serenity of the online shopping landscape. Head to thousanddancers.com, take a moment to contemplate whether your Valentine would prefer the ruffle briefs or the button up camisole and then make your way to the checkout. The free shipping will promptly deliver your goods while you write some heartfelt drafts for the accompanying card. Upon arrival, package it all up, bestow, embrace and there you have it, a Saint Valentine’s Day gift for all.