There are plenty of stores and brands offering their take on the current wave of outdoor, rugged Americana, but few offer the fanaticism and freshness of Up There (Born 2010). The boys from this modest store on McKillop Lane have been waiting to pounce, after almost two years in the making, several research trips and numerous set backs, Up There officially launched on Friday.

With a history in the collectible Sneaker-Freaker market, Brendan Mitchell, James Barrett and Jason Paparoulas established Up There using the very same attractive attributes of exclusivity and desirability learnt from the obsessive sub-culture to form the basis of their selection criteria. And so you can be sure that these guys know what they’re doing and that their product selection is as fanatical as a guy who collects sneakers for fun. Look for Norse Projects’ yellow raincoat and the entire range from Noir makes the trip well worth it, add the Yuketen Surfer Moc’s and you’ve pretty much nailed a wardrobe for all occasions.

It’s a good time Up There and Mitchell quietly boasts a return to quality and service for men’s wear. Big words they may be, but maybe you should get up there and see if you can prove him wrong.

Up There (Born 2010)
Level 1, 15 McKillop Street, Melbourne
(03) 9670 6225