Bold and brash, local fashion design Tali Roth has a new collection out for summer, and it's refreshing to see tight figure hugging garments in bright colours, sharp edges and geometric placements in a seas of floaty luxury basics. We talk to the designer about her new range and its Brazillian inspiration.

Tell me about Tali Roth.
I have wanted to be a fashion designer since I was about nine years old. I was studying psychology and took some time off before starting my honours year. In that time I decided I would make a few dresses and try and sell them to some stores around Melbourne. In the first season I got picked up in stores around Melburne and even in NSW… everything just seemed to grow rapidly from there.

What was the inspiration behind the collection?
The inspiration behind the label was to fill a clear gap in the market by creating sexy, flattering and fashion forward clothing for women. I am always inspired by sporty luxe clothing I always found it hard to find bold ultra feminine, sexy styles that weren’t trashy or tacky. I think I have learnt to create on-trend styles that still are timeless.

How do you design?
I usually choose colours and themes based on my interpretation of what is happening overseas and in the media. I will then proceed to design the range and then let those designs inspire fabric choices instead of it being the other way around.

Tell me about the lastest spring/summer collection?
The latest collection, dropped into stores late August, is inspired by a recent trip to Brazil. The main colours of the collection are navy, canary yellow and gold. The Brazilian women have an effortless way of dressing that is incredibly chic and sexy. I think there is something for everybody in this collection.

Do you find that the sharp edges and bright colours can be quite jarring? Or is that what you enjoy about your clothes - that they are not simple luxury basics, like what everyone else seems to be doing at the moment?
I think that you need to be careful when you work with sharp edges and geometric placements of shapes across the body. For example the Lapa Party Dress is actually quite flattering and makes you look narrower. The market is flooded with florals and paisleys, luxury basics and prints of all varieties. I think Tali Roth offers something a little bit different but still channels what is happening in fashion at the moment.

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Where are your garments produced?
My collection is almost entirely produced in Australia. Only one off speciality items such as the Samba Sequin Crop Top is produced off shore.

What's on the cards for the Tali Roth in the next little while?
Just finished working on next years winter collection. It’s a much bigger collection and its very sexy and sophisticated. There are lots of other exciting things coming up in the word of Tali Roth so watch this space!

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