Nat Turnbull and Elise Wilken’s first Witu collection of neoprene accessories was released last year to a rapturous response. They have only just released their second, Ozone, having worked with fashion designer Hannah Canham and band Architecture in Helsinki in the meantime. Taking inspiration from underwater creatures and habitats, Ozone expands on what came before, with neoprene totes and backpacks alongside new designs including clutches, clothing and even a stubbie holder.

“I think Melbourne is a great place where so many people support and love new design, art and other cultural things,” says Turnbull. “We do our best to get people involved as much as possible, this even extends to customising bags.” Turnbull believes it’s the intersection of fashion and functionality that attracts a range of customers to the label.

While it’s been all neoprene for Witu so far, Turnbull does see life beyond the material. “We do really feel like it is our signature, but we will definitely be moving to new things in the future! We didn’t feel like we were ready to move on just yet though.”