It’s pretty rare to hear Hawthorn described as ‘cool’. When you think of the family friendly suburb, visions of mums and bubs quaffing salads and soy lattes are more likely to come to mind than forward-thinking fashion and eclectic jewellery.

Alright, so that’s probably quite the generalisation (shout outs to Cactus Jam et al), but it’s hard to argue with.

All this just makes the appearance of Swoon, a multifaceted new boutique in Hawthorn's Auburn Village, just that little bit more exciting for locals. Emerging and established designers alike are on display in a space that aims to cover every base.

Founded by Keegan Hunt and Brahman Percra – whose own respective labels, Margery Daw and Elgar&Lyle adorn the racks – the store has something for everyone. Grab a cup of the day’s specialty tea (also available for sale alongside delicious Josephine macarons) and have a trawl through the goods. As emerging designers themselves, Hunt and Percra are keen to offer a space where up-and-comers are supported and given a context in which to grow

Apart from the fashion, you will find a little bit of everything. Plates, tea towels, cards, bunting – you name it, you’ll find it.

Admittedly, a few of the pieces err on the slightly crafty side, but overall Swoon is great, especially for the area. So be wary of doing too much damage to the credit card.

109 Auburn Road, Hawthorn
(03) 9942 3630

Mon to Sat 10am–5pm
Sun 11am–3pm