Anyone who has found the perfect suit or a well-fitting pair of pants will know there’s truth to the adage that looking good makes you feel good. It’s a feeling the South Melbourne-based charity, Wear For Success, brings its clients, who turn to it for help getting back into long-term employment. The team of volunteers at Wear For Success helps men and women going through hardship to feel and look job ready by providing help with dressing grooming and coaching.

To raise funds for the charity, networking group Suitably Connected is hosting an event with eminent Melbourne tailors P. Johnson this Thursday. The night promises an insight into P. Johnson’s fast-growing suiting business and an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals. And thanks to a handful of generous sponsors, all proceeds from the night will go directly to Wear For Success.

Though the prospect of a networking night might seem daunting, the invitation is extended to anyone with an interest in P. Johnson’s retail business, or who is keen to support Wear For Success. “Ultimately, it’s just a group of really good people getting together over a few drinks and a bit of food,” co-founder of Suitably Connected, Mike Chambers, says. “It’s a good chance to be wowed by the showroom and services these guys provide.”

Last year, Wear For Success provided free clothing and services to 700 people. It costs the charity about $200 to dress each person, and the services don’t stop after the initial job interview. If clients end up scoring the job, Wear For Success also provides them with a week’s worth of free clothing – so they don’t spend their first few paychecks on getting dressed. “It’s an expensive charity to run,” Chambers says. “People are often low on confidence, so it’s quite amazing to see them feel like a million bucks after being dressed head-to-toe. It’s important because it helps people get back on their feet.”

Wear For Success is happening on Thursday April 23 from 6pm–8pm at P. Johnson Tailors, 29 Thomas Street in Windsor. The event is free for members of Suitably Connected. For non-members entry is $30 at the door.