From bright pops of colour and pattern to pared-back fits and, yes, plenty of black, Melbourne never fails to deliver a strong dose of sartorial style. We sent stylish snapper Kaede James Takamoto around town, from Albert Park and Prahran to Collingwood and Yarraville, to find out what some of the city’s more stylish citizens are wearing. And get the scoop on where they shop and the trends they’re digging (and staying clear of). Take a look at some of our favourite looks.

Jennifer Huang, Whitehorse Road, Balwyn

Age: 28 Occupation: Casual retail assistant Tell us about your outfit today. I’m wearing something that’s comfortable and mixes some classic colour blocking. My hat is from Clothing the Gaps, it’s my favourite. I’m wearing the cleanest white shirt that I have, and the shoes are Nike TNs. How does your style fit in with your lifestyle? My style fits in with comfort. It’s a little bit of edginess and something that’s not super feminine and instead a bit more masculine. I gravitate towards a baggy look and cut. Who’s your style icon? I really like the vibe of mixing and matching androgynous queer icons. I’m also inspired by people on the street and other creatives.

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Vicki Hutchinson, Carlisle Street, Balaclava

Age: 62 Occupation: Fashion Tell us about your outfit today. My sister thinks these Converse look like clown shoes, but I think they look sick. They’re two or three inches high, so that gives me a little bit of height. And it’s like walking on clouds. I picked everything up in op shops except my T-shirt, which I bought in Barcelona. I don’t really spend a lot of money on fashion. I think if you’ve got an idea, you can put things together. What’s a trend that you love or hate at the moment? I just hate the fact that beards are in because it gives men an excuse to look really scruffy. I just think: Who wants all that hair on their face? I say to my boyfriend, “If it’s not off, it’s not on.”

Bernie, Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy North

Age: 25 Tell us about your outfit today. The shirt I found, I think, on the side of the road. I decided to make it look more fun by adding some paint and bleach. The pants are from Needles – I love how customisable they are. The shoes are Suicoke (they’re very comfy) and the bag I got from Savers. It’s really beautiful and you don’t see much patchwork like it. What do you gravitate towards when shopping? Psychically just something that makes me happy and feel good. And something that isn’t polyester and feels better on the skin.

Stephanie Leung, Whitehorse Road, Deepdene

Age: 39 Occupation: Marketing Tell us about your outfit today. I’ve gone for that autumn look with a lot of knits, so it’s warm, earthy tones. My boots are Roger Vivier, the clothes are from a small boutique on Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn. I’ve got a sporty watch, a Prada bag and hair done by Signature Studio. What do you gravitate towards when shopping? I like feminine style, but casual and comfortable for every day. I’m always on the run, so comfort is a big factor when I’m picking my outfits. Accessorising is very important as well – that makes a whole difference. Who is your style icon? Honestly, I just flip through magazines and whatever is trendy, but it has to fit into your own style. That’s what I go for. So I don’t really have an icon as such; I look for looks on the streets – those are my inspirations.

Wanting Zhao, Collingwood Yards, Collingwood

Age: 39 Occupation: Designer Tell us about your outfit today. My jacket is from a local shop called Ess Laboratory on Gertrude Street. I love it because the design is really unique and the tailoring is well-cut and clean. Inside, the shirt is from Japan – my husband bought it for himself but I wear it anyway. The shoes are Comme des Garcons x Converse. How does your style fit in with your lifestyle? I used to really focus on how I dressed and put a lot of effort in because for me, dressing up is like a piece of art and how I express my feelings. But at this moment, I don’t focus too much on my outside look. I’m more focused on my inner world. I believe if I have an abundance of inner world, whatever I look like outside is always comfortable and elegant.

Sue Thompson, High Street, Kew

Age: 75 Occupation: Clairvoyant Tell us about your outfit today. I got the pants from Vietnam and my top is from Thailand. The shoes are Puma. My friends were the managers at Puma so I always had to buy Pumas. How does your style fit in with your lifestyle? I’ve got quite an eccentric lifestyle and I’ve got eccentric clothing. I like things that are a little bit out there. And I love glamour. What do you gravitate towards when shopping? Definitely silk – the rarest fabric in the world and my favourite. I love the feel of things and good quality textures. Also people – if you loved me, I’d buy anything you were selling.

Kevin Purdy, Clarendon Street, South Melbourne

Age: 27 Occupation: Chef Tell us about your outfit today. The jacket was free. I work in hospo and a customer left it behind – it was a great find. The shirt is an old high street one from back in the UK. My trousers are from Moochi – great staple, good quality. And my shoes are Dr Martens loafers. What do you gravitate towards when shopping? I definitely go for more muted colours. Think forest vibes so greens, browns but I don’t shy away from a pop of colour if there’s a really nice statement piece.

Katie Tom, Anderson Street, Yarraville

Age: 31 Occupation: Florist Tell us about your outfit today. My dress was a gift from my husband for Christmas. My boots are Dr Martens. The bag is Nim – it’s an Australian brand. I got it as a baby bag that was less ugly – you can wash it out and wipe it down. And my jewellery is from a Melbourne brand called Lott Studio. How does your style fit in with your lifestyle? I have two kids, three and six, and I’m trying to find my groove and get back into wearing stuff that’s not boring. I feel like I didn’t have the brain space to, like, get dressed for a while so it’s nice to feel I can actually try.

Lety, Irving Street, Footscray

Occupation: Programmer Tell us about your outfit today. I’ve got Nike tech bottoms. I bought these Adidas shoes in Nashville, Tennessee, where my family is from. The hat I got from a friend, the jacket I bought from a boutique in Newtown, Sydney, and the bag is also Nike. It’s a chic, relaxed type of look. What do you gravitate towards when shopping? It has to be quality fabric that’s comfortable. I don’t buy T-shirts, no offence to T-shirts. I’m obsessed with fabric. My favourite colour that I go for is white, but today you’ve got me on a black day.

Sophie Colvin, Victoria Avenue, Albert Park

Age: 25 Occupation: Baker and personal assistant Tell us about your outfit today. My shoes, I got them over in New Zealand. I actually think they’re men’s shoes, but it works. I got my pants made when I was in Bangkok a few years ago. I’ve got a Nagnata bodysuit, One Fable shirt and a Camilla and Marc jumper. My sunnies are Luv Lou and most of my jewellery is Lucy Folk. Who is your style icon? I guess with social media these days, you’re always being influenced whether you’re looking for it or not.

Stacey Rose, Queens Parade, Clifton Hill

Age: 27 Occupation: Finance Tell us about your outfit today. The jeans are old men’s Levi’s that I found at an op shop. My shoes are Unif Mary Janes – I’ve been wearing them to death. And my cardigan is Kate Sylvester, also from the op shop. What do you gravitate towards when shopping? I love interesting patterns and classic silhouettes that are flattering on me. I gravitate towards textiles mainly, and knitwear really draws my eyes. I wear a lot of electric blue and I’ve gotten into maroon lately.

Daniel Del Castillo, High Street, Prahran

Age: 21 Occupation: Garden nursery worker Tell us about your outfit today. Pretty much all of these are thrifted pieces from Savers. The jewellery is custom-made. I was in a very Buddhist mood today, so I just wore some stuff that I made. What’s your fashion inspiration? Being like a little kid wearing adult costumes. What do you gravitate towards when shopping? Certain colours and textures. Anything oversized with a very loose, baggy silhouette. What’s a fashion trend that you love or hate? I really love the Margiela Tabis. We need more unhinged footwear – I hate seeing the same silhouette.

Sebastian Barrow, Gordon Reserve, East Melbourne

Age: 37 Occupation: Teacher Tell us about your outfit today. I’m wearing everything from Asos. I buy online because I live in the countryside so it’s easier for me. What do you gravitate towards when shopping? I like colours and contrast and shapes – I like to have something interesting. I’m always cold so I like to use a lot of layers, too. What’s a fashion trend you love or hate? I’m getting into the oversized look, because I’m in the generation where we were used to skinny jeans but now oversized is going well for me.

Anita Di Michele, Toorak Road, Toorak

Age: 47 Occupation: Nutritionist Tell us about your outfit today. My T-shirt and jacket are both from Louis Vuitton. My jeans are from Anine Bing. And my shoes and bag are from Chanel. How does your style fit into your lifestyle? I love things like what I’m wearing now – casual but you can dress it up or down. I’ve got a dinner tonight so I won’t get changed, I’ll just pop on a pair of heels. I like everything to be versatile. What do you gravitate towards when shopping? I’ll absolutely try and get into anything. I used to always wear black but now I can wear almost any colour.

Nikoo Jalilvand Fard, Collins Street, Docklands

Age: 22 Occupation: Student Tell us about your outfit today. My skirt and shirt outfit is from a Korean designer shop in the CBD. The coat is from Portmans, I think? Glasses are from Prada and my shoes are Jordans. What do you gravitate towards when shopping? I love Japanese boutiques – you can find lots of interesting things. How does your style fit into your lifestyle? I like to do different things and new things. And be natural. So I think that’s the reason for my personal style. It makes me stand out a little bit.

Lana Croker, Bay Street, Port Melbourne

Age: 22 Occupation: Graphic designer and lifeguard Tell us about your outfit today. It’s pretty basic today. I got this jumper from Savers, it was like $7. These jeans used to be my sister’s and my shoes are some Nike hiking ones. I made one of my rings and my earrings, and the rest of the rings I got overseas. I like to collect a ring whenever I go to a new place. What do you gravitate towards when shopping? I do like a lot of colour. I’m not wearing colour at the moment, but I’d say blue and orange, I really like that. And I do like a baggy pant, that’s always my go-to.

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