Melbourne lads and lasses know a good shoe when they see one. The footpaths of this city are never without the click-clack of a beautiful sole. Luckily for us, The Horse has our spring/summer collection sorted. Scott Hawkes and Gabrielle Glennie, creators of The Horse, have brought beauty to their footwear via decent ethics and nourishing simplicity. While neither of the two have any professional training in the shoe business, The Horse has started with Italian leather and prides itself on a small range and the notion of quality over quantity.

Classic cuts of buttery leather don earthy tones and bright pops of colour, making them a loyal shoe that will carry you through multiple seasons. Inspired by vintage concepts, these shoes take the pain out of finding that what you thought was the perfect shoe is actually three sizes too small. Sporting names like ‘Leo’ and ‘Thelma’, these shoes are built upon the ideal that each pair has its own personality, so we can rest assured there’s a fit for every each and every Cinderella. While the range isn’t huge, each design is carefully considered, and with a price point that’s accessible, all of us Melbourne folk can rejoice in looking good, tip to toe.

The Horse is stocked nationwide as well as in Amsterdam and New Zealand. You can find The Horse locally at I Dream A Highway, Somewhere and The Untitled Shop.