For a label that subscribes to a sustainable work practice, Sosume couldn’t be further removed from what people perceive an ‘eco-friendly’ fashion label to look like. The Melbourne label’s modern yet luxurious styles and dark edgy layers hold their own amongst Australia’s most reputable designers, and Sosume’s latest collection is further proof of Alex’s talent for producing luxurious designs with wonderfully textured fabrics.

Building upon the label’s base line of undergarment alternatives, this season Alex set out to create a small, concise and wearable collection of overcoats and refined winter essentials to fit seamlessly into the modern wardrobe.

“By designing only a small number of pieces, I was able to dedicate time to the sourcing of fine fabrics and materials, not to mention fit and make,” he explains.

The resulting collection, he explains, is inspired by the Amish and includes long-lined coats, demure shirt dresses and draped cover-ups, all of which appear in dark tonal colours but vary in fabrication. Sourcing only the finest eco-friendly fabrics from environmentally responsible mills, Sosume’s winter collection includes the label’s signature buttery-soft jersey and micro modal as well as silky wovens with raw silk and emu leather – the later featuring on the pockets of a coat and the yolk of a cowl vest.

“It was unique and I hadn’t ever seen it before in the market,” says Alex of the choice to use Emu leather in the collection. “I loved the texture and the natural blemishes each piece had, no two pieces were the same. It’s a beautiful material, like a subtler version of Ostrich leather, so really quite interesting to work with.”