Jessie Hill’s Summer 2010/11 collection Song Bird 7 is certainly set to rustle a few feathers in the world of fashion. The latest offering from the Sydney designer a fun, party-girl collection titled Song Bird 7, and injected with a good dose of smoldering sexiness. The look book features New Zealand Model, Zippora Seven, who emulates the nonchalant sexuality of the collection.

The feathered friends theme runs subtly throughout the pieces think embroidered swans, feather detailing and light airy fabrics. Structured pieces like the button-up white shirt and high waisted pastel pants compliment the flouncy blouses and draped skirts. Sheer fabrics make repeated appearances coyly and not so coyly revealing a bit of bare skin.

Jessie Hill has gone from strength to strength since beginning her career at the tender age of 17. Her innate talent and signature style are reflected in her consistently inspiring designs.

Jessie Hill is available from Down Yonder, Phillips, Mushu and Nicola in Melbourne.