Whatever was in the water over at the Askill household has resulted in wonderful things for the Australian film and fashion industries. Boundless creativity and an innate knack for producing core-shaking visuals seem to run deep in the veins of the Askill offspring.

The latest to fly the coop and make a name for himself is Lorin Askill, brother to the talented Jordan and Daniel. He's already worked on projects for Acne, BMW and Phoenix, but his latest film, Castaway, for Australian label Something Else, sees his filmic potential truly come to fruition.

This haunting piece of fashion-cinema romantically depicts Something Else's spring collection billowing in the whistling sea wind. Australian photographer Pierre Toussain, stylist Caterina Scardino and the label's designer Natalie Wood were also part of the short film’s creative process, collaborating in the hope of adding a mystical dimension to the collection.

From the throbbing sounds of waves crashing, which act as a kind of hypnotic overture, the short is incredibly captivating – a trademark of the Askill repertoire. The patterned cliffs of Sydney’s Clovelly create a perfectly sinister backdrop for the dishevelled nonchalance of the model nomad.

If the short film doesn’t declare a shift in direction for Something Else clearly enough, one look at the lush look book images certainly will. Put simply, Natalie Wood is moving in a lighter direction for summer. The bright pops of ruby-reds and blush-pinks are still there, but the collection's muted tones, shadowy prints and loose, flowing layers point towards a drifting, ethereal look.

Clothes for cliff wandering never looked so good.

Castaway from Something Else on Vimeo.