Sunglasses are that accessory you always have in your bag just in case – that ally in the fight against UV rays, bloodshot eyes and no make up days. And with the sun starting to peek out more frequently, it might be about time to recruit a new pair. Introducing the latest addition to the eyewear market: Something Else’s debut eyewear collection Windows To The Sky.

It seems Something Else designer and founder Natalie Wood can’t put a foot wrong and her latest venture is no exception. Wood has developed a highly wearable collection, stamped with her unique, edgy aesthetic. There are three styles available – ‘The Basic Frame’, ‘The Radiant Frame’ and ‘The Classic Crystal Frame’ – all equally covetable.

Taking inspiration from semi precious stones, the frames are available in quartz, amber and amethyst. Each of these stones is known to have healing properties. In fact, people having been using quartz to dispel negative energy for years. Now, instead of carrying a rock around, you can pop these on and let the stress disappear. And if it doesn’t work, at least you’ll look good trying. At under $200 a pop these windows to the sky are pretty good value too.

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The Windows To The Sky collection will be available from local boutiques, including Incu, from October.