Like Slow Food, Slow Fashion is a idea built around concepts of sustainability, exploring new ways for retailers to think more closely about their role in the consumer-driven industry. For fashion retailer, Swensk, they have taken this concept and used it as a motivation for their line and the title of an exhibition that opened yesterday in collaboration with RMIT as part of the State of Design Festival's Look.Stop.Shop event.

For the Slow Fashion exhibition, Swensk investigates the process of customising a four piece collection for four Swensk customers by deconstructing garments stocked in the store by Swedish desginers Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Filippa K, J.Lindeberg and Whyred.

The project has been given to third year students as a research assignment into sustainable fashion that has been documented thoroughly and will be shown along side the finished collections in store as part of the exhibition.

The Slow Fashion exhibition will available to view in store at Swensk until the 25th of July.