What began as commission-based print-making work has turned into a business for Sydney-based Fictional Objects owner Emma Rutherford, who draws upon her background in visual arts to create beautifully crafted, 100 per cent cotton bedding products.

Rutherford has always been interested in “pattern, repetition and mark making, either naturally occurring or in constructed surfaces” and this is clear in her work. The collection of cotton fabrics includes interesting and simple geometric designs, from repetitive monochrome pyramids to coral zigzags. Infused with Scandinavian-style simplicity, the prints and colour palette are designed to complement each other, with buyers encouraged to choose their own mix-and-match combinations of products, from pillow-cases and donna covers to fitted and flat sheets. All are available from cot to king sized.

The name Fictional Objects encapsulates the idea that a buyer is the curator of their own collection of belongings, which in turn can reveal much about the person who owns them; their interests and ideas, says Rutherford.

All of Fictional Objects’ bed linen and reusable packaging is produced in Bandung, a textile-intensive city in West Java, Indonesia. “We use the highest-quality fabric available to us. It is our aim that all elements are created and constructed within the area, and every scrap produced is used. We work with small production runs, ensuring and controlling quality, yet remaining affordable,” says Rutherford.

Bed linen from Fictional Objects is available through their online store at fictionalobjects.com

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