In the short time it’s been on High Street, Blakeaway has become an Armadale staple, having evolved from former catering business, Blakes Feast.

“It’s that dreaded word – pivot,” says owner Neredah Blake. “During the pandemic we made Blakeaway into more of a lifestyle brand. Now we’ve got everything from gourmet ready meals for last-minute shoppers, to hampers, pantry items, gifts and dinner party supplies.”

While Blakeaway has a range for online shopping, its five bricks-and-mortar stores in Melbourne are part of the community, and Armadale is one of the best situated. “I’m very well-versed about all the amazing things in the area,” says Blake. “As we’re coming into spring and the weather’s fining up, it’s such a beautiful experience to stroll along High Street, looking at these incredible buildings, getting a coffee and going shopping.”

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If you’re planning your next shopping trip in the area, Blake has you covered with a few of her favourite spots to hit up.


This Australian brand has been selling luxury skincare since 1992. Its elegant, white-fronted retail spot on High Street is a treatment centre offering optimum skin health through bespoke care and precision formulations. “It’s the skincare I have used religiously for many years,” says Blake. “They now have stores all over Australia. Their treatments are out of this world. They’ve got a lot of treatment rooms, a beautiful, airy store, and the staff are knowledgeable on all skin types. Go in and have a consultation and get expert advice on-site.”

You can even find a daily ritual based on the genetic blueprint for your complexion type, then a range of signature treatments, such as restorative facials using protective serums and all things brightening, cleansing and hydrating.

Sener Besim

Following the success of his Armadale pop-up, Sener Besim opened a permanent space for his elegant jewellery pieces, each design displayed with a curatorial eye. The fashion collections also feature Italian knitwear pieces, lightweight and made for layering.

“I’ve known him a really long time,” says Blake. “I really believe in what he does as a designer. It’s not fast fashion, they’re classic items you wear daily, beautiful minimalist pieces to keep forever. I always find a piece that resonates. They’re timeless and buildable.”

Fine Day

The Fine Day ethos is aesthetic, comfortable and sustainable essentials – because there is no reason everyday necessities can’t also be beautiful. This Melbourne-owned brand covers all the bases, with organically grown cotton, recyclable packaging and an ethical supply chain. It’s everything you need to sleep soundly and live well.

“It’s a great shopping experience, a lovely store,” says Blake. “I buy all of my kids’ pyjamas from there. It’s amazing for gifting as well, you could go in and buy something for anyone in your family and they’d love it.”

Maison Balzac

This Sydney-based homewares brand is most famous for eye-catching glass and ceramic pieces – charming and unique, playful and whimsical, sculptural but functional – where a vibrant platter is more than a talking piece.

“It’s a really creative brand; we stock them at some of our other stores and online,” says Blake. “They have a really eccentric range of glassware, like beautiful hand-blown carafes, or Martini glasses with a glass olive in them. They have the best range of candles and room scents – you pick up every one [and] they smell amazing. Just a really great store, a great brand, you’ll always walk out with something you love.”

The Memo

The Memo has everything you need for both mum and baby, but with an eye for functional beauty. It’s the place to go if you’re looking to avoid plastics and mass-produced pieces.

“There’s a lot of practicality for parents,” says Blake. “They’ve got the basics, from chemical-free bath soaps and creams for your baby, to a great range of play mats that I used for my daughters. Everything is functional, but looks really chic in your house. It’s great for people who have no idea what to get a new mum.”


Bassike is one thing – simple basics done extremely well. Owners Deborah Sams and Mary Lou Ryan have created everyday clothing essentials with high quality fabric and design, sustainably sourced from the organic cotton to the Australian makers. They previously had a store in Hawksburn Village but have now opened one on High Street Armadale in its place.

“They’ve got an incredible ethos around their environmental footprint; their use of natural fibres is really important to me,” says Blake. “For me, they’re absolutely everyday clothing items. I have a blazer I wear to work all the time – my kids wear some too. Comfortable, soft, breathable and long-lasting investment pieces.”

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with High Street Armadale Business Association and City of Stonnington.